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The No. 1 Meeting Place for the world's Free Zones 
At WFZC we monitor Special Economic Zones around the world and more than 120 countries now have some form of zone development programme - India, China & South East Asia, the Middle East, North and South America, the Russian Federation and Central Asia, Europe and Africa.

Speakers and Delegates who have participated in our meetings represent a wide cross-section of organisations from almost all these countries, and from others considering their establishment - Zones and the Authorities who regulate them, Government Ministries, Investment Promotion Agencies, Corporates and Location Specialists as well as Investors, Banks and other Financial Advisers.

Since 2001 WFZC has built up an unparalleled network of partners, sponsors and speakers who have contributed to events held in London, Brussels, Skopje, Cairo, Cape Town, Cannes, Izmir, Geneva, Paris, Kuala Lumpur and The Netherlands.
Highlights since 2001
WTO Director General and EU Negotiator on WFZC platforms in 2001-2003
IPAWorld supports Free Zone Website Awards (2002 - present)
Foreign Direct Investment magazine becomes media partner (2002)
Partnership with CEI / EBRD at Skopje governmental conference
Report "Challenges, Threats and Opportunities for the world's Free Zones" presented at the Brussels Convention
Daily News from Oxford Intelligence launched on WFZC website
Visit to European Parliament and other European Union institutions (2003)
Special analysis of International Law on Incentives, Benefits, Competition and State Aids in London 2003
Courses and Training Division established
WFZC becomes World Bank FDI Xchange partner (2004)
Post Conference visit to Free Zones in Cairo, Egypt
WFZC supports WAIPA (World Association of Investment Promotion Agencies) meetings in Geneva (2004 to present)
WFZC infrastructure seminar at MIPIM international property exhibition in Cannes (2005/06)
First WFZC meeting held in a Free Zone (Aegean Free Zone, Izmir) with Ministerial Round Table, resulting in Conference Declaration
Financial Times publishes full page article on Free Zones (2005)
World Customs Organisation & WFZC sign joint Declaration at Geneva Briefing & Forum (2006)
AFZA (Africa Free Zones Association) Memorandum of agreement signed at Sixth Convention in Paris (2006)
2nd International Briefing & Forum with WCO held at their HQ in Brussels in June 2007 with a contribution from the China Free Trade Zone and Export Processing Zones Association
First Annual Convention held in Asia in November 2007 with Site Selection as new media partner
The REIDEN property and infrastructure electronic information source becomes new partner 2008
Port Master Planning Training Course in The Netherlands in June 2008

The original criticisms of, and the tax upon, zones has significantly diminished in volume; countries with existing zone programmes have been proudly promoting them whilst new countries have been emulating established zones and developing programmes to catch up. WFZC has played a part in disseminating information about the success of zones, engaging in close discussion with key officials, whose attitudes affect the future of zones, and acting as an exchange centre for well-led zones.

As a result of many demands WFZC have enabled a monthly reporting system and we can now share this essential information with our subscribers. Each month a package of information about zones throughout the world is sent by email. These are indexed according to the country concerned and/or the name of zone. The information is collected from various sources and is fully up to date.

For more information see our website Zones Report
spacerAnnual Website Awards supported by IPAWorld and WFZC
WFZC acknowledges the positive value of the internet for research and communication between those with similar interests in widely divergent regions of the world. It is with this in mind that our website awards were inaugurated in 2002.

The website of each delegate to the Convention is eligible to be entered for the 2008 WFZC Website Awards. A Winner and a Runner-up were awarded in each of the following categories:
The websites are judged according to:
Visual impact
Clarity of information
Depth of information
User friendliness
Category One
Best website of a Free Zone or Export
Processing Zone
Category Two
Best website of a National, Regional or Local Government entity, Association or any other Organisation represented at the Convention

At our Fifth Anniversary Convention in London we supported a Website Master Class which gave participants a further insight into the usefulness of websites as a key marketing tool. Since the incorporation of the Website Awards the standard of the entries has improved enormously making appraising the sites increasingly difficult for the judges. For a list of previous winners
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